Nowości z TRUMPF Werkzeugmaschinen Teningen

Our new video shows exactly that: a bending procedure with and without RollBend.

The new version, which is out now, includes a completely reworked design, an improved overall usability and new features! Download the app via the Android or iOS store.

Thank you for your visit to Blechexpo 2019 in Stuttgart. Please watch our short video with impressions of the trade show and take a look back at the event.

Success – the positive outcome of an effort or undertaking – comes in many different forms. One example is the anniversary edition of TRUMPF’s customer magazine TRUe. Published to coincide with the Blechexpo trade fair, the tenth issue of our magazine gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to tell their personal stories of success.

Today is the start of this year’s Blechexpo in Germany as well as of our exhibition deal! When purchasing an EV006 W20/30° die (min. length 500 mm), we will include a polymer V-strip for free! Contact us for more details or have a look at our online shop.

Only one more week to go!

Visit us from November 5 to 8, 2019 at the Blechexpo in Stuttgart. Under the motto of "Get Connected", you can experience networked production up close!


German high-tech company issues financial statements for 2018/19 fiscal year: Sales up by around 6.1 percent from 3.6 to 3.8 billion euros // orders received down from 3.8 to 3.7 billion euros due to market conditions // TRUMPF striving for CO2-neutral production worldwide by the end of 2020

On October 24, Nicola Leibinger-Kammüller will report on the past fiscal year of 2018/19. Join us then via livestream to discover all the details, or you could take a look at our web special – which focuses on the 50th anniversary of TRUMPF USA – for insights.

Heinz-Jürgen Prokop: “Digital connectivity also provides a way of improving the efficiency of upstream and downstream processes in sheet metal fabrication” // TRUMPF’s factory design service helps reduce the use of time and resources by up to 50 percent // New software solution supports employees in their everyday work

No matter what your process chain looks like or requires, we have an example of an interlinked process chain for you.



Zachęcamy do odwiedzenia naszego stoiska na targach Blechexpo w Stuttgarcie w dniach 5–8 listopada 2019 r. Na miejscu będzie można na własne oczy zobaczyć, czym jest usieciowiona produkcja. Motto to „Get Connected”.

> Logowanie!


We’ll show you how you can quickly and easily bend a fan blade on a press brake thanks to a special

With automatic loading including sheet separation and automatic unloading via a conveyor belt, the TruBend Center 7030 now works even faster. If you want to see the machine in action, watch this video or our animation for more details.

Save the date! From November 5 to 8, 2019 you can experience the future of networked production!

"Creativity is intelligence having fun." That's what Albert Einstein once said. Implementing ideas boldly – that is also our principle at TRUMPF. We show you some examples in our new TRUe – the magazine for sheet metal experts. Have a look now.

Grupa TRUMPF na zakończenie roku gospodarczego 2018/19 30.06.2019 r. odnotowała wzrost obrotów o ok. 6%. Według wstępnych obliczeń wartość wynosi 3,8 mld EUR (w 2017/18 było to 3,6 mld EUR). Napływ zleceń ze względu na koniunkturę spadł z 3,8 na 3,7 mld EUR.

Apply now for a technical training / apprenticeship starting 2020!

Digitalization is shifting our focus. Not only towards technology, but also toward collaboration. Our author Julia Duwe writes why she thinks that’s good news for everyone.

IT solution supports TRUMPF's Track & Trace for tracking parts in production // Managing Director Schneider: "Digital assistance systems in sheet metal fabrication are a crucial competitive advantage"

When brave ideas meet the trust of our family-owned company, something special is created. Get to know the story behind our brave team and join us!

18.06.2019: New edition of the Bending Tool catalogue

The latest version of the Bending Tool catalogue is now available. Amongst several tips and tricks from our bending expert, edition 03/2019 now also contains details to polymer V-strips, RollBend mark-free, adapters for ACB Wireless sensor tools and our data matrix code.


You can download the catalogue from our homepage or via MyTRUMPF.


Photo: Itasse

Punctual and affordable deliveries in good quality - that's Rika Blechkomponenten's secret. Christian Schrattenecker, Managing Sales Director of the Austrian job shop, spoke in his interview with the MM Maschinenmarkt why the company believes in an automated sheet metal manufacturing. >> Continue reading <<

(available in German only)


29.05.2019: Faster bending thanks to TecZone Bend

Pöttinger Landtechnik GmbH explains to the MM Maschinenmarkt why they are able to bend faster with the programming system TecZone Bend (available in German only).

More details on TecZone Bend can be found on our homepage.

We have 3 machines which need a new home and they are ready for shipment within 48 hours.

Experience numerous TRUMPF products live in action!

Register now! June 4th to 6th, 2019 in Luton, GB!

29.04.2019: LAMIERA 2019

Visit us at this year's Lameira in Italy!

15th - 18th May 2019

Hall 15, booth E66




Chcą Państwo założyć lub rozbudować zakład obróbki blach? TRUMPF jako partner umożliwia łatwe wcielenie tych planów w życie. Zachęcamy do poznania szczegółów i zastosowania przyszłościowych rozwiązań!

Photo: Stefan Fuertbauer

Martin Mitterhumer, CEO of PNH Kft., explains why he consistently relies on automated bending operations: they save time and relieve the burden on employees.

TRUMPF Photonic Components to become new business division // Investment in fast-growing markets for photonics and digital products

03.04.2019: Thank you for visiting the INTECH 2019!

We would like to say Thank you to all of you who came to the INTECH 2019!

To find out how it was – watch our


Download our magazine for sheet metal experts now. Core topic of edition no. 8: „Trust“.

The exhibition INTECH started yesterday, and we would like to say Thank You to all of you who came to our opening day in Ditzingen!

If you are also interested in visiting the INTECH in the following three days, register now! In addition, some attractive offers are waiting for you – for example, our bending machines which are available at short notice.


Because it's INTECH, we have 3 machines ready for shipment within 48 hours. Plus: we'll add an attractive tooling package for free!

26 - 28 marzec 2019

Zapraszamy na stoisko TRUMPF Polska (Hala E, Stoisko 18)

Visit us at this year's INTECH from March 26th - 29th, 2019 in Ditzingen, Germany! Register now – we look forward to seeing you!


26.02.2019: Faster bending with barcode

Photo: Novoferm / Studio Seesing Fotografie – NL

Door frame production on a VarioPress 230 (045) – find out more under references or read the article of the MM Maschinenmarkt (in German only)

Drive concept boosts productivity // Makes tool changes up to 70 percent faster // Option available to load and unload machine automatically

12.02.2019: Training courses 2019

The new training catalogue is now available: from programming and operator courses to maintenance courses and workshops for part design! Register for your course today!

Get to know the young talents of the Jugend forscht regional competition on February 15th, 2019, from 9:00 to 2:45 pm in the SICK Arena in Freiburg, Germany.

Invest of 2 million Euros / More production space thanks to new logistics centre / Official opening ceremony on January 21st, 2019.


Press release in German

Visit us at this year's INTECH from March 26th - 29th, 2019 in Ditzingen, Germany!

PDF invitation


Perfect bending results across the entire length of the workpiece. The Polymer V-Strip are available in different lengths and widths.

Download the flyer here or via My TRUMPPF.


TRUMPF focuses on new business fields such as sensor technology and photonics for data transmission. It was the biggest acquisition to date since acquisition of JFY in China in 2013.

Bending tools are uniquely identifiable.

Download our flyer !


04.12.2018: Think ahead. Bend better.

Download the latest version of our bending machines brochure now!

How are TRUMPF Bending Tools made? What happens after the order receipt? Watch our video and find out...

20.11.2018: Doubled up to make one flexible large-format machine

You have parts that are 6 or 8 m long, but you also bend short sheets? Then a flexible solution is exactly what you need: the TruBend8000 Series in tandem installation.


Watch our tandem video on YouTube or download the brand new tandem Flyer !


Download our magazine for sheet metal experts now. Core topic of edition no. 7: „Change“.

06.11.2018: Thank you for visiting the Euroblech!

Thank you for your visit at the exhibition EuroBLECH in Hanover! To find out how it was - watch our video…

29.10.2018: Successful TechDays in Teningen

At the end of September 2018, customers were not only able to visit the new production hall which was officially opened in July 2018, but also the very old forgery from 1771. The highlight of the small exhibition though was the tandem technology and the German customers were able to see such an installation live in action. How easy it is to switch from single to tandem mode can also be seen in our animation .

In the 2017/18 fiscal year sales rise by 14.6 percent to almost 3.6 billion euros. Profits are up by 52.3 percent to 514 million euros. The group-wide workforce grows by 12.9 percent to 13,420.

Berthold Leibinger in 2010

The former CEO and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG dedicated his whole life to his work as an entrepreneur and patron of the arts.

Visit us from October 23rd to 26th in Hanover at our trade fair stand in hall 11.

Get to know us and our apprentice program at the exhibition Job Start Börse in Emmendingen, Germany – October 18th – 19th, 2018. We look forward to seeing you!

This year’s Science Days at Europa-Park in Rust take place from 18.-20. October 2018. During those three days children and teenagers will experience exciting science and engineering activities.




Connected production environment gives rise to the smart factory // Heinz-Jürgen Prokop, CEO Machine Tools: "Artificial intelligence is the key to productivity gains" // Smart data analysis helps TRUMPF develop and enhance its machine tools

Our trainees present their company on instagram. The video was made by our trainees and it is a great one - at least we think so!

The latest version of the EHT Tooling Catalog is now available here or in MyTRUMPF .

13 - 14 wrzesnia 2018 r.


At the TRUMPF site in the east of Germany, the chancellor learned about the production of high-technology components as well as the situation of skilled workers in the German state of “Sachsen”. A conversation with employees was also part of her agenda.

(Press release in German)

5 to nie tylko liczba, której brakuje do okrągłej rocznicy, ale też liczba kolumn napisanych z okazji 95 lat historii z sukcesem. Przeczytaj więcej o tym w specjalnej broszurze na urodziny firmy TRUMPF!

Download our magazine for sheet metal experts now. Core topic of edition no. 6: „Entrepreneurial Vision“.

Apply now for a technical training / apprenticeship starting 2019!

Po bieżących kalkulacjach Grupa TRUMPF na koniec roku biznesowego 2017/18 z dniem 30 czerwca 2018 r. wykazuje znaczny wzrost obrotów o ok. 15%. Wartość sięga 3,6 miliarda euro. Napływ zleceń wzrósł do 3,8 miliarda euro. Oznacza to zwiększenie o ok. 13%.

In Austria, over 300 companies hoped for one of the rare Pegasus Award, honoring the best. In the category “Innovation Emperor”, TRUMPF won a silver Pegasus for its eLearning project “Bending Technology”. eLearning is part of our basic operator course for bending machines – to get an impression, watch the English video!

See the highlights of this year's exhibition BIEMH in Spain and thank you for your visit!

... to the TRUMPF Open House in Luton, GB.

New, modern production hall for bending machines / TRUMPF invested almost seven million euros in the expansion of the site

(Press release in German)


Let our employees tell you their story - for example, how it is to work at TRUMPF as a software developer.

Further details about TRUMPF as an employer can be found here.


When working with visible parts it is particularly important that no marks remain on the sheet after the bending process. For this reason, a RollBend with a cast-in elastomer layer on the jaw surface was developed. This makes it possible to bend parts completely free of marks.

In Hettingen, everything comes together - all components needed to build a laser tube cutting machine. The loading unit LoadMaster, for example, comes from Teningen. Our movie shows, how a TruLaser Tube machine is made.

Details on laser tube cutting machines can be found here.


12th - 14th June 2018

Technology Centre in Luton, UK


Do you bend lots of long parts?

Or do you bend long and short parts?

Then it is worth thinking about a tandem solution: Compared to a large single machine, a tandem installation offers easier logistics and an easier commissioning, and, in case of short parts, twice the capacity and productivity. Why not take a look at our animated video?


With the TruBend machines you always bend right: Whether as operator or decision maker in the company – become the bending champion!

Thank you for visiting us at this year’s INTECH in Ditzingen. You can find a summary of our house exhibition in this video.

Get to know us and our apprentice program at the exhibition Job Start Börse in Freiburg, Germany – May 16th – 17th, 2018. We look forward to seeing you!

Download our magazine for sheet metal experts now. Core topic of edition no. 5: „Ambition“.

Experience the diversity of bending at this year's in-house exhibition in Ditzingen, from April 10 - 13, 2018: Amongst others, we will bend a 10mm Hardox part, as well as a box with a side length of 300mm on a TruBend 8400 (040). Find out more on how to bend oversize parts and step into a VR world to learn more about tandem...

We look forward to seeing you!

Bent parts are only perfect when inserted in the correct way. With the new option Part Indicator for TruBend Series 5000 machines, inserting parts becomes a piece of cake.

(© Tim van der Most)

In a time when it has become impossible to imagine life without smartphones, tablets and computers, Corné van Opdorp is taking things to their logical conclusion within his company: comprehensive digitalization. The BOZ Group in the Netherlands has already initiated a process that many companies have not even thought about. This is a courageous step.

Visit us at this year's exhibition Global Industries from March 27th to 30th, 2018, held at the Parc des expositions Paris Nord - Villepinte.

We look forward to seeing you in hall 5 - booth P64.

Not too long ago, Andreas Schumacher was still sitting in the lecture theater. Now he is developing software for Industry 4.0 for TRUMPF. His recipe for success: Just immerse yourself.

Zapraszamy, by z firmą TRUMPF w prosty sposób przejść do produkcji w sieci. Zapraszamy do Ditzingen, gdzie od 10 do 13 kwietnia 2018 r. pod hasłem „Get connected” odbędą się targi INTECH organizowane przez naszą firmę. Będziemy tam pokazywać konkretne rozwiązania, które będą odpowiednie do Państwa sytuacji.

Photonics is disruptive and will change people’s lives. What changes might it bring to the German capital in the future? A vision by our author.

We are part of it - on April, 26th 2018!

Register via Girls'Day!

(Photo: Florian Bilger)

Michael Wagner does not shy away from making major investments: to enable him to easily bend long parts made from four- or five-millimeter sheet steel, the company owner has added a TRUMPF VarioPress 500 with a length of nine meters and a press force of 500 metric tons to his machine fleet.

TRUMPF supports the Jugend forscht regional competition, which encourages and supports talented achievers in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Get to know the young talents on February 2nd, 2018, in the SICK Arena in Freiburg, Germany.

16.01.2018: Handling big jobs

(Photo: Norbert Voskens)

We are probably not quite able to compete with the most likely longest laser machine in the world. 16m sheets however are not a problem for us when it comes to laser cutting or bending!

Find out more to oversize processing at TRUMPF!

The exhibition for production topics from 23. - 26.01.2018 in Hamburg, Germany.

We look forward to seeing you in hall A1, booth 322!

Download now our magazine for sheet metal experts. Core topic of edition no. 4: „Closeness“.

Wiadomości 12.12.2017: Berthold Leibinger gives 100,000 euros for social purposes on the occasion of the Berthold Leibinger Stiftung’s 25th anniversary

Since its formation, the foundation has donated more than 16.3 million euros for science, culture, religious and social issues

Na targach Blechexpo 2017 w Stuttgarcie już trzeci raz przyznano nagrodę za innowacyjność „Award zur Blechexpo”. W kategorii „Wielofunkcyjna technologia obrabiania blach” wyróżnione zostało nowe oprogramowanie offline TecZone Bend. Uzasadnieniem jury były wysokie parametry oprogramowania, a co się z tym wiąże – krótkie czasy programowania z wykorzystaniem TecZone Bend.

Thomas Pletzinger (Text) and Tim Dinter (Illustration) will receive for their joint work „Blåvand“ the comic book award, worth 15.000 Euro. The award will be handed over on April, 23rd 2018 in Stuttgart.

Thank you very much for coming to this year's Blechexpo!

Re-live good memories or get an impression via our short video summary.


Wiadomości 14.11.2017: New online magazine

New channel for digital storytelling about products, technologies and workplace issues.

Press release

Online magazine

Official dedication of new facility at Ditzingen headquarters // A new milestone in the company’s digitalization strategy and a symbol of the site’s ongoing expansion // Digital warehousing and picking systems take center stage

Jak firma TRUMPF rozumie transformację cyfrową? Nasze sprawozdanie roczne w sekcji „4.0” przedstawia historie, strategie i przykłady wdrożeń. Ponadto można w nim znaleźć wszelkie odpowiednie dane liczbowe, daty i fakty dotyczące roku obrotowego 2016/17, a także informacje dotyczące naszego zaangażowania w kwestie społeczne.


Globalne Informacje prasowe :

Financial statement for 2016/17 fiscal year: Sales rise by almost 11 percent to 3.1 billion euros / investments increase by 45 percent


The E-Shop for Bending Tools has been updated and enhanced with some new tools. New, for example, is ACB wireless for TruBend Cell 7000 tools.

Buy your tooling online - anytime, anywhere.

Venturing into the Internet of Things with machines from TRUMPF // Custom production solutions combine hardware, software and services // Efficient systems for sheet metal working


Odwiedź nas na targach Blechexpo!

10. - 13. October 2017.

Register and visit us at this year's Open House of our site in Roissy - we look forward to seeing you there.

Today, the exhibition Schweissen & Schneiden opens its doors in Düsseldorf.

We look forward to welcoming you in hall 10, booth 10E54.

Jutta Allmendinger (Berlin), Heinrich Detering (Göttingen), Burghart Klaußner (Hamburg), Yiannos Manoli (Freiburg), and Sylke Tempel (Berlin) are the first German intellectual ambassadors to be sent to California.

Berthold Leibinger Stiftung gives more than 3 million euros.

The new technology center demonstrates the interaction between people, machines, storage technology, automation, software, and industry 4.0 solutions.

A ProfiPress live in action! Visit us from September 25 to 29, 2017 in Düsseldorf - hall 10, booth 10E54.



September 18 to 23, 2017 in hall 27, booth D46.

Get a preview of our additive manufacturing world at EMO – we provide you with a taste of our exciting range in our trade fair special.


Download now our magazine for sheet metal experts. Core topic this time: „Competency“.

Systems of BeSpoon make it possible to track parts in real time // Acquisition will boost TRUMPF’s technological expertise in Industry 4.0

Save the date: 10. - 13. October 2017.

Visit us at this year's Open House of our site in Roissy - we look forward to seeing you there.


In June MTDCNC were invited to the annual TRUMPF Open House in the UK. If you have an interest in bending, laser cutting, folding or punching, MTDCNC cover it all during their short video - watch it now!

According to preliminary figures for the 2016/17 fiscal year, sales rise by almost 11 percent. Orders received increase from 2.8 to 3.4 billion euros.

Starting in July, TRUMPF will offer shears, slitting shears, nibblers, profile nibblers, seam lockers and power fasteners with 18 V Li-ion battery technology. When used in combination with a brushless motor and Power-Head technology.

A new and updated version of the TRUMPF Bending Tool catalogue is now available.

Christof Lehner succeeds Reinhold Groß as managing director.

Postaw na usługi, które zapewniają długoterminowe rezultaty: czy w celu stworzenia najlepszych warunków dla wydajnej produkcji, czy też optymalnego wykorzystania produktów TRUMPF i ich elastycznego dostosowania do zmian – razem znajdziemy możliwości długofalowego uzyskiwania maksymalnych wartości.

The TruLaser 3060 fiber offers oversize format processing in a working range of 6 x 2.5 meters – Multi-sheet processing of up to four medium-format sheets possible – New Highspeed cutting process for faster cutting.

Of course 6 meters cannot only be cut but also bent – with the TruBend Series 8000.


Get to know us and our innovation for the aviation sector. Our specialist are looking forward to your visit in hall 4, both F208.

19. - 25. June 2017


The TRUMPF Open House 2017 takes place between 13th - 15th June 2017 in our Technology Centre in Luton, Bedfordshire.

Highlight: Competence in Bending Workshop. Register today!


Corné van Opdorp, CEO of BOZ Group, answers three questions about digital connectivity in his company. He has six bending machines, one automated bending cell, as well as one panel bending machine in use.

TRUMPF Venture participates in the Unternehmertum Venture Capital's second fund, which has made 70 million euros available to finance start-ups

Visit us at this year's Lameira in Milan, Italy

17th - 20th May 2017

Hall 15, booth D40 E33


International Exhibition for Equipment, Instruments and Tools for Metalworking Industry

15. - 19. May 2017


For Dolanit in China, automating the production chain helped it win new major customers an projects. Having the right high-bay storage system is crucial.


Aktualne wydanie magazynu klienta TRUe

Drugie wydanie naszego magazynu klienta TRUe jest już dostępne. Magazyn dla ekspertów od blach skupia się tym razem nad temacie „odwagi”.


Thank you very much for coming to this year's INTECH!

Re-live good memories or get an impression via our short video summary.

Number of group managing directors increases from five to six // Peter Leibinger to drive expansion of new technology fields // Mathias Kammüller to become company's Chief Digital Officer

Visit our in-house exhibition and experience innovations that will enable you to successfully network your production facilities.

04. - 07. April 2017 in Ditzingen.

Mamy przyjemność zaprosić Państwa na targi STOM w Kielcach (Salon Technologii Obróbki Metali), które odbędą się w dniach 28 – 30.03.2017 r.

Coveted award for partners and suppliers goes to TRUMPF for the second time – a distinction for the joint development of a laser welding procedure and Industry 4.0 solutions

Downloading tooling data for standard tools has been possible for quite a while. Now, data for special tooling can also be downloaded via MyTRUMPF > E-Shop for TRUMPF Bending Tools.

TRUMPF Financial Services and COMPEON are cooperating on sales financing. TRUMPF’s Finance Manager digital platform brings transparency on the best financing offers.

Visit our in-house exhibition and experience innovations that will enable you to successfully network your production facilities.

04. - 07. April 2017 in Ditzingen.


Connected machines deliver double the bending length and press force – single-machine operation boosts capacity.

ToolShuttle with space for 60 meters of tools – shorter set-up and search times, higher productivity bold.

Read the press release.

Longstanding Executive Vice President Gerhard Rübling is leaving the company due to reaching retirement age. Oliver Maassen will be the new Head of Human Resources and Social Affairs in the TRUMPF Group.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at TRUMPF.


Towards the end of the year, we'd like to present a special TruBend Series 8000 "commercial" which might inspire you to bend big?

Seven-digit sum invested in XARION Laser Acoustics by TRUMPF Venture as part of a Series A financing round

Wiadomości 08.12.2016: Narzędzia do gięcia

Information on Bending Tools can be found here, for example:

Special offers regarding EHT Bending Tools can be found in our brochure for used tooling (=remaining stock and tooling used for testing / commissioning). The brochure is only available in German.


You have parts that are 6 or 8 m long, but you also bend shorter sheets? Then a flexible solution is what you need: the TruBend Series 8000 as a tandem installation. Two machines that are able to work synchronously, allowing you to double the bending length and press force.

Download brochure


Schrag Kantprofile GmbH spent 20 years using two TRUMPF machines that proved to be a reliable choice even under the relentless conditions of three-shift production. But the time had come for something new. Incorporating the new EHT VarioPress 400 with a bending length of nine meters and an EHT VarioCut with a cutting length of eight meters certainly wasn’t easy, but there’s no doubt it was worth the effort!

At the end of October, and right on time for the sheet metal industry’s leading trade show “Euroblech,” the first edition of “TRUe: The Magazine for Sheet Metal Experts” appeared. The new customer magazine for the TRUMPF Machine Tools Division has been created by combining the two previous publications “TRUMPF Express” and “TruService Journal.”

Thank you for visiting us at this year's Euroblech!


New 3D printers to be presented at formnext from November 15-18, 2016 – Focus on industrialization considering the whole process chain – Solutions for external powder and parts management – Breadth of technology with LMF and LMD solutions

With the compact tool storage ToolShuttle for the TruBend Series 8000, you can set-up your tools easily and quickly, directly at the machine.


A time comparison „manual set-up vs. ToolShuttle“ can be found here.

Mechanical engineering company increases sales to €2.81 billion despite tense global economic climate / Return on sales of 10.8 percent / Company acquires software firms to strengthen its digital strategy and expands its additive manufacturing

Wiadomości 10.10.2016: Euroblech news

Ultimate flexibility: the TRUMPF TruPunch 1000 is a punching machine for the entry-level segment that can gradually be expanded into a fully-fledged combination machine. The result of this evolution is the TruMatic 1000 fiber, a laser machine equipped with a whole host of innovative features that punches holes, bends flanges and forms threads.


A new machine concept for 2D laser cutting: agile development methods and holistic process evaluation – fundamental problems solved – future-oriented alternative concept to mere increase of laser power.

The TruLaser Center 7030


Connected processes on display – focus on material and information flow – transparency on multiple levels – opening in summer 2017


Discover trailblazing solutions to ensure your success.

We look forward to seeing you in Hannover.


25. - 29. October 2016

Hall 11, Stand B48 / B94

Visit us at this year's Open House of our site in Roissy. See what's new, get information to industry 4.0 and experience a TruBend 8230 live.

11. - 14. October 2016!


Special price for used tooling and remaining stock!

Bending tools, which were used for commissioning a machine for example, as well as remaining tools in stock are now available at a special price. We might just have the right bending tool for you...


Only while stock lasts!

Brochure in German only, prices excl. GST and delivery.

Wiadomości 01.08.2016: Bending Tech Days

Automated bending was the topic at this year’s “Bending Tech Days” (13th – 15th July 2016) in Teningen.

A bending machine VarioPress with a press force of 500 tons, a bending length of 6 meters and a robot automation was everything but standard. Automated systems like that are quite rare, therefore it’s not surprising that this cell was the highlight of the show.


“Automation becomes more and more important when considering topics like Industry 4.0 and skills shortage”, says Reinhold Groß, Managing Director Sales & Services Machine Tools, summarizing the visitor’s feedback. “Our customers were able to experience how automation solutions can be implemented successfully even when it comes to handling oversize material.”


Mechanical engineering company publishes preliminary figures for 2015/16 fiscal year: Sales slightly higher than previous year at 2.8 billion euros

BleSta GmbH specializes in the production of industrial sieves and screens for recycling plants. To process 40 millimeter-thick sheets BleSta decided to purchase an EHT VarioPress 1000.

The machine tools and laser manufacturer TRUMPF has invested nearly 30 million euros in new development and production facilities - 12,000 square meters of additional floor space, enlarging the total available production area to nearly twice its current size. The new facility in Schramberg is due to begin production by the end of 2017.

Wiadomości 10.06.2016: New bending tool catalogues

The catalogue for EHT tooling has been updated!

New: TRUMPF bending tools can now be found in the new TRUMPF Bending Tool Catalgoue. Amongst new tooling, it also contains information to the foil holder as well as several tips and tricks from our bending experts.


TRUMPF’s large-scale bending machines offer the perfect oppertunity for many companies to enter new markets. Dietmar and Frank Röhrle have successfully found a unique selling point with their EHT VarioPress 400. Frank Röhrle is keen to use this as a springboard to get back into the supply business.

Special price for used tooling and remaining stock!

Bending tools, which were used for commissioning a machine for example, as well as remaining tools in stock are now available at a special price. We might just have the right bending tool for you...


Only while stock lasts!

Brochure in German only, prices excl. GST and delivery.

There is almost nothing machines of the TruBend Series 8000 cannot cope with. With a press force of up to 1,000 tons, a bending length of up to 8 m and an open height of 895 mm, you can manufacture components that would otherwise not be feasible. Yet, the TruBend Series 8000 works as fast, as flexible and as precise as the other bending machines of the TruBend family.

Watch the machine in action now!


Issue 1/16

  • Röhrle and BleSta use giant press brakes from EHT to get thick sheets into shape.
  • Indonesian entrepreneur Buntoro Setiomulyo knows that success starts with motivated employees.
  • At WMF a new TruBend Cell 7000 works side-by-side with a TRUMPF veteran.
  • Industrie 4.0 for beginners: how eMDe took its first successful steps.
  • Sinop has embraced automation for its beverage dispensing equipment.

Machine tool and laser specialist TRUMPF is taking the next step in the practical implementation of Industry 4.0. Its in-house show, INTECH, will be taking place April 19-23, 2016 at TRUMPF headquarters in Ditzingen, and the company will be using the event to showcase its connected pilot factory. TRUMPF has taken its sheet metal production unit – comparable to a traditional sheet metal manufacturing enterprise – and switched it over to work following digitalized process flows.

From April 19 to 23, INTECH is awaiting your visit with innovative solutions which will open up new potential and possibilities. You can expect helpful presentations and new ideas. We are looking forward to seeing you at our trade show.

Special price for used tooling and remaining stock!

Bending tools, which were used for commissioning a machine for example, as well as remaining tools in stock are now available at a special price. We might just have the right bending tool for you...


Only while stock lasts!

Brochure in German only, prices excl. GST and delivery.


The German company K-Metall GmbH reports in an interview about how bending tools coated with LASERdur ZN save time and therefore money.

Edition 03/16

  • Step by step toward the Smart Factory
    Is Industry 4.0 only relevant for larger companies? By no means - read how everyone can profit.
  • Risk?
    Cheap spare parts are very tempting, but the smallest differences can have fatal and expensive consequences. A comparison shows: You can rely on original spare parts.
  • This layer is well worth it
    The German company K-Metall GmbH reports in an interview about how bending tools coated with LASERdur ZN save time and therefore money.
  • Well advised
    Future Automation in Great Britain is speeding up its production with a new punching machine and the right punching tools.

Wiadomości 18.01.2016: ProfiPress - an unpretentious star

Particularly economic, efficient and flexible – such properties capture hearts. Thanks to its excellent price-performance ratio, the ProfiPress is also ideal for a lower capacity utilization. Its simple and user-friendly control system and programming also ensure that each of your personnel can easily operate this bending machine. However, it clearly stands out thanks to its options, turning this basic machine into your favorite co-worker – especially in craft businesses.


Product flyer ProfiPress

Further product information

Visitors were able to receive an extensive impression of the TRUMPF site in Teningen during the re-opening event of the newly renovated demonstration centre on November 30th, 2015.

Issue 3/15:

A powerful giant: the TruBend Series 8000.

Power for heavy sheet metal: Hermann Schickling processes sheet metal as if it's butter.

High-speed bending: Yarış Kabin explains how.

Making short work of it: Expanding from a garage to a successful job shop - SCS shows how it's done.

The TruBend Series 8000 is a great choice if you’re looking for high precision and versatility, a generous open height, and press forces of up to 1,000 t. With a length of up to 8 m, these machines can be used to process extra-large parts or bend smaller workpieces at multiple tool stations. More

You are invited: November 30th, 2015 in Teningen

You're looking for a pre-owned machine? Then we have a special offer for you: a MultiPress 110

---- Availability subject to prior sale! ----

Wiadomości February 2015

Zakład EHT należy od natychmiast do firmy TRUMPF: Firma budowy maszyn z Dizingen przejęła jeden z najstarszych niemieckich zakładów produkcyjnych – Przez to przejęcie firma TRUMPF uzupełniła własną paletę produkowanych maszyn. Komunikat prasowy po angielsku>

Wiadomości styczeń 2014

Firma EHT Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH w październiku 2012 roku całkowicie zmieniła swoją istniejącą od 2003 roku kooperację sprzedażową z firmą Trumpf. Czytaj dalej artykuł po niemiecku ...

Wiadomości lipiec 2013

Olimipada zawodów World Skills 2013 w Lipsku, wydarzenie, które nie zdarza się codziennie. Po dokładnie 40 latach olimpiada WorldSkills odbyła się ponownie w Niemczech. Mistrzostwa zawodów to impreza, która organizowana jest co 2 lata na całym świecie. Czytaj dalej artykuł po niemiecku ...

Wiadomości kwiecień 2013

Firma EHT sprzedała dotychczas już 500 maszyn MultiCut. Przekazanie 500. nożyc gilotynowych było oczywiście czymś szczególnym.. W jakim przedsiębiorstwie jubileuszowa maszyna zostania zainstalowana, Czytaj dalej artykuł po niemiecku ...

Wiadomości grudzień 2012

Pan Michael Neugart obejmie od dnia 1 stycznia 2013r. stanowisko prezesa zarządu firmy EHT Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH w Teningen, jak również firmy EHT Werkzeugsysteme GmbH w Dreźnie. Czytaj dalej artykuł po niemiecku ...

Wiadomości sierpień 2012

Niezwykle dynamiczna, łatwa w obsłudze i przyjazna dla środowiska – nowa prasa MultiPress firmy EHT jest prawdziwym, wielofunkcyjnym talentem i przekonuje do siebie dzięki atrakcyjnemu stosunkowi ceny do jakości. Czytaj dalej´po niemiecku ...


Wiadomości kwiecień 2012

Firma EHT, producent maszyn narzędziowych z Teningen, punktuje dzięki nowej serii pras krawędziowych, które gwarantują łatwą obsługę przy jednocześnie doskonałych wynikach gięcia. W ramach „Dni ProfiPress” te wytrzymałe maszyny zostały właśnie pokazane specjalistom z branży. Czytaj dalej artykuł po niemiecku ...


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Zakład EHT należy od natychmiast do firmy TRUMPF: Firma budowy maszyn z Dizingen przejęła jeden z najstarszych niemieckich zakładów produkcyjnych – Przez to przejęcie firma TRUMPF uzupełniła własną paletę produkowanych maszyn. Komunikat prasowy po angielsku>

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