Bienvenue chez TRUMPF!

Avec son savoir-faire et sa tradition depuis de longues années, TRUMPF à Teningen est un grand constructeur de machines spéciales dans le secteur des presses plieuses dans le groupe TRUMPF.

Les nombreuses années d'expérience et de production de solutions complexes et spécifiques aussi qu’une consultation professionnelle vous apporterons plus de flexibilité et un meilleur service - sans compromis sur la qualité.



2019 is a special year for TRUMPF and the USA. After all, five decades ago, the foundation was laid for a relationship between us and the United States, which has remained close, successful, and inspiring to this day. In 1969 TRUMPF leased an industrial building in Farmington, Connecticut, and thus the US subsidiary was born. Today, 50 years later, the TRUMPF US branch campus spans over 200,000 square meters. TRUMPF's presence in North America has continuously grown in the past five decades; numerous cornerstones have been laid, and ground-breaking ceremonies for new buildings have been held. Dive into a story about technology, entrepreneurial spirit – and the close ties to our customers in the land of unlimited opportunity.


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