Achieving the best solution – systematically.

Special conditions demand special measures – and sometimes also complex special machines that are precisely configured to your needs.


Powerful machines for heavy tubes.

Particularly powerful machines are required to produce tubes with wall thicknesses of up to 20 mm in a multibend process. That is why we made a press brake that was 6 meters long with a press force of 2,000 tons. The machine was equipped with special tools for bending extremely thick-walled tubes. As a result of the high weight of the sheet metal special front and back gauge systems were also necessary. The multibend process allows the bending of tubes of differing diameters without having to change the tool.

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Bending – without reequipping.

Those who rarely equip save time. This is made possible by a tool pivoting system behind the press beam which changes tools without anyone having to intervene in the process. It is thus possible to achieve bending with different tools in one clamping assembly and without loss of time. The sketch shows how the tool pivoting system works.


Shifting the lower die
Folding without loss of time, cutting tool costs, shortening equipping times.


3 variants available:
• pneumatic, 5 positions
• MVX above the back gauge, stepless
• CNC axle, stepless


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Extremely long machines for extremely long profiles.

This press brake produces profiles, up to 10 meters long, for junctions to structures for roofs, walls and facades. Because only thin sheets are bent, the machine manages with a press force of “just” 400 tons. The sheet supporting system at the back and the supporting consoles at the front prevent the long, thin sheets from sagging. This ensures both gentle and precise processing as well as safe handling. A special back gauge – providing sufficient freedom of movement – is used in order to prevent the sheet supporting system at the back from colliding with the back gauge.


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Greater space for large boxes.

Customers who bend sheet metal with particularly large box heights profit from an enlargement of the insertion height, preventing collisions between the sheet and the machine.

Here is one example each of a tool trolley with an enhanced insertion height and one for very large box heights.

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Effortless use of heavy tools.

Special tools sometimes weight several tons. It is simply impossible to insert them manually. So TRUMPF developed the ToolShuttle, from which the tool can be directly pushed into the clamp.

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Bent fan blades

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