The 500th MultiCut from EHT
goes to Bavaria


The machines at family-run Erdwich (in Kaufering near Munich) are currently running hot. The orders situation since late 2012 has never been so good – the best time, therefore, for a new investment.


Erdwich has been active in the machine trade for 40 years and has itself been producing machines and plant for processing and crushing for 30 years. The machines operate in a wide variety of fields: from powerful paper crushers, through electronic scrap that is stripped into its smallest individual components and then sorted, to the separation of infusion bags into their plastic and liquid constituents. Whereby it is irrelevant for Erdwich how complex the crushing or separating process is – each customer receives an individual plant, designed by a highly specialized team of developers and often delivered abroad: the company currently exports about 70 percent of its products. Many customers come from China, and the last large recycling plant was also commissioned by a Chinese company. Rarer, but at least just as welcome, are orders from Germany. Erdwich is currently developing a plant for recycling refrigerators for an eastern German customer.


When business is going so well, the question of modernizing the machine shop is often also part of a company’s strategic considerations – and this is also the case at Erdwich. The MultiCut from EHT Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH arrived in Kaufering in early April. A special day for Erdwich: commissioning was celebrated with a meal for the entire workforce. And EHT celebrated with them, because it was the 500th MultiCut that EHT had delivered.


The jubilee shears from the Teninger-based machine tool producer complement the production department and replace the EHT guillotine shears that were in operation at Erdwich for 21 years. The decision to buy a new EHT machine was made rapidly: firstly, production with the previous guillotine shears was well-established and, secondly, Erdwich places great value on high quality products. Because it had never been necessary to involve EHT’s customer service during the entire 21 years, everything spoke for buying guillotine shears from the machine tool producer from Baden-Württemberg. Reinhard Hirschmiller, Production Manager at Erdwich, put it in a nutshell: "When one has had good experiences with a particular product one does not want to switch to another supplier."


Thanks to the excellent orders situation, the MultiCut was in operation from the very first day: parts for side walls, funnels and cladding panels, with thicknesses of up to 16 mm, were cut with EHT’s massive hydraulic shears. One special aspect of the new MultiCut is its innovative EHT ShearControl (ESC Touch) control system. Thus machine functions are, for example, graphically displayed and the machine can be rapidly setup thanks to the parallel axle positioning. Concerns that the new controller could be too demanding for operators were quickly dispelled – on the contrary, the MultiCut is easy to operate and, thanks to the modern controller, works even more accurately. Moreover, programming is considerably quicker and more efficient because only the material quality and the thickness of the sheet metal needs to be input. And, regarding the safety technology the MultiCut is, of course, state-of-the-art: in practice the light curtain, above all, proves helpful because the mechanical hand protection used in the past covered the workpiece. The new unobstructed view considerably accelerates and simplifies work on the machine.


This investment in the EHT MultiCut, which operates ideally in serial production, has already proved the right decision for Erdwich after just a few weeks. So here’s to the next 21 years without customer service!


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15th - 18th May 2019

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