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Avec son savoir-faire et sa tradition depuis de longues années, TRUMPF en Teningen est un grand constructeur de machines spéciales dans le secteur des presses plieuse et cisailles guillotine dans le groupe TRUMPF.

Les nombreuses années d'expérience et de production de solutions complexes et spécifiques aussi qu’une consultation professionnelle vous apporterons plus de flexibilité et un meilleur service - sans compromis sur la qualité.



The street lights at the Oranienburger Tor intersection turn on just before the last glimmer of daylight disappears beyond the horizon. By switching to energy-saving white light LEDs, the city council has reduced the power it uses for street lighting by 50 percent. And it has saved another 30 percent by taking an intelligent and proactive approach to when the lights are used. Every street light is also equipped with sensors and cameras. Taken together, these make up a physical network that stretches across Berlin. That’s what the future might look like in Berlin – and the potential benefits are clear…


… Photonics is disruptive and will change people’s lives. What changes might it bring to the German capital in the future? A vision by our author.


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Ditzingen company acquires one of the oldest enterprises in Germany – TRUMPF machine portfolio enhanced. More